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The following notices, terms and conditions are applicable to the various services and products available on the website – By reading the terms and conditions, you herby agree to Terms of Service available on our website You also agree and take note that the company can make changes to the Terms and conditions at any time. Please check this page regularly to understand any and all new changes that are made.


The website is an e-commerce website that is operated by R.G. Sales, a company that is registered and operated under the Indian laws. The registered company address is B-12, 2nd Floor, Brahmawati Complex, Vikas Marg, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi – 110092, India.

Services is an e-commerce website that sells customized mobile covers at economical rates. We also have various other perks and benefits for customers who give us bulk orders. Once you place the order, will be entitled to ship the product to you within a speculated time frame.

Third Party Websites and content shares content links on our official social media accounts like Twitter, Facebooks and other third-party websites. These content/posts are only for sharing or/and listing purposes. The company/website does not take any responsibility of the content posted/listed by third party websites on our site. We also disclaim any liabilities that arise from/due to third party websites.

We take no responsibilities and disclaim all liabilities for any content that is posted on third party websites by the customers/users in their personal capacity on any website. We are not responsible if anybody shares any content/ writes any comments of their own on any of our social media platforms or the website


The Privacy Policy and other information on the website helps you to understand how we may use the information that you provide/give us. By obtaining the services of our website, you agree to the Privacy Policy and acknowledge the fact that the information given by you is up to date and accurate.

Exactness of the product

We would also like to inform you that the product images on our website is for your reference purpose. There may be slight changes between the actual product and the product shown on the website. There could also be a difference in the color accuracy however, we will do our best to ensure that you get exactly what you have ordered. Even the measurements and sizes of the items mentioned in the description are approximate figures. will take all the precautionary and preventive measures to ensure that you get the product that you have ordered for.


Although most of the pricing mentioned on the website will be accurate, there may be times when an error may occur due to technical reasons. If we happen to come across such errors, we will inform you about the same as soon as possible. Failure to contact you for any reason will result in the cancellation of the order. You will receive a full refund of the amount you have paid. The products featured on the website are intended for consumer use and retails sales only. These products in no way are meant to be resold.

We would also like to inform you that the pricing of the products may also change without any notice. Nevertheless, the new pricing will not affect the orders that were made before the price change or for the ones that have already been dispatched. Any/All prices that are mentioned on the website will include any similar sales tax including VAT. Also note that the pricing mentioned on the website will not be changed through any source and will be applicable for the order/item purchased.

Intellectual Property Rights

The company is the sole owner of any of the products mentioned on the website herby declaring the intellectual property rights on the items mentioned on the website.

Jurisdiction and Law

The terms and conditions mentioned on this website is constructed and governed based on the Indian laws and do not contradict them in any way.

Violation and Termination

You also agree that if the company finds that you have violated the use of the website, then the company has rights to terminate your account without any notice. You will not be able to access the website in the future. You will also be liable to pay for the services or products that you have ordered until the time of account termination


Under no circumstances is the company, its representatives or any employee of the company be liable for any damages caused due to the misuse of any information provided by the customer. The customer is slowly responsible to ensure that the information provided is accurate and true. We also advise you not to share your user name, password or any financial detail to anybody else. We would like to inform you that no one from our company will ever call up asking you for your financial details or any such sensitive information. If someone calls up or contacts you claiming that they are part of the company, please get in touch with us and confirm the same before providing any details. Failure to do so will not be our responsibility in case of any further issues or problems.

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